For those new to my website and/or business, you may ask…where did you come up with that name? Well, LiveMore has a very special meaning behind it. In our journey to becoming parents, my husband and I endured the loss of our first three children. After saying goodbye to our third child, a dear friend pointed out something very cool about our daughter’s name – something I had never noticed before. We had named her Olivia Hayden Moore, but had always called her “Liv.” Liv Moore – Live More. If there was one good thing that could come from saying goodbye to our sweet girl, it was that we were reminded to live life to the absolute fullest – Live More!

While I’ve always been in love with photography, it wasn’t until that point in my life that I finally took the next step. As a result, the name fell right into place. We should all strive to Live More, and why not capture the emotion of those amazing moments as memories that we can look at and remember for years to come? Such joyful and fun times are absolutely priceless in my book!

In allowing me to join in on your journey to living more, you will see that my approach to lifestyle photography has a very photojournalistic feel to it. I focus mainly on natural light, as well as catering to an environment that most fits your daily life – whether that’s a child’s bedroom or your favorite park. Whatever shouts out as YOU – we will capture that in an image that you can forever hold on to and cherish.

I look forward to working with you and sharing in your journey!